(Tibetan: always sure-footed)
A photographic journey through the life of mountaineer Reinhold Messner

The “Kalipè” trail showcases Reinhold Messner’s 50 years of lived and experienced mountain world and takes visitors up 14 eight-thousanders and through frozen wastes and desert sands.

Reinhold Messner, born in 1944 in Bressanone/South Tyrol, grew up in Funes. He climbed not only the most extreme rock faces of the Alps and other mountain ranges, but was the first to conquer all of the world’s 14 eight-thousanders - without oxygen. He also crossed Antartica and Greenland, the Gobi desert and the Takla Makan desert. Today Reinhold Messner manages the Messner Moutain Museum, a six-part museum structure all about mountains: MMM Firmiano addresses the subject of man’s encounter with mountains, MMM Juval in Val Venosta is dedicated to the magic of mountains, MMM Ortles focuses on the world of ice. MMM Ripa in Brunico tells the story of the mountain peoples, MMM Dolimites the story of rock. MMM Corones, which will be opened on Plan de Corones in the summer of 2015, is dedicated to traditional Alpine mountaineering. Philosopher Reinhold Messner is the best known of all preservers of mountain culture.


Kalipè: 19.6. - 31.10.2015 in Piazza Posta, Colle del Castello, Via Bastioni, Piazza Municipio (open all day)
Opening on 19th June at 11 a.m. in Piazza Posta






On our Flickr Site you can find some photos of Kalipè. Click here.


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