Bruneck Guide "Leitsystem Bruneck"

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Each town including Bruneck presents visitors, inhabitants, business people and suppliers with the challenge of finding their way around. It is hard to group people coming to Bruneck into categories and to guide them using only one template. Several requirements must be taken into account: The needs of visitors arriving by car who need to be guided from their starting points at the car parks, and those of visitors arriving by public transport who need to be guided to their destination from the respective arrival points (train station, bus station).

An exciting challenge with the goal of assisting everyone in Bruneck to reach their destinations and to discover the sites of Bruneck safely, without diversions and by means of a functional, attractive and representative guide. The Bruneck Guide "Leitsystem Bruneck" will not overload people with information yet provide as much clarity and orientation as possible.

Since the beginning of 2011 a working group comprising representatives of the tourist association, the Association of Hotel and Restaurant owners HGV, business people, the Cultural Advisory Council and the city marketing organisation 'Stadtmarketing' has been working on the design and implementation of the Guide. The Guide shall be based on a concept designed by Vienna based the company Strukt.

Bruneck Guide "Leitsystem Bruneck": Implementation underway

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